About KOKO Cooker®

KOKO Cooker offers a safe, affordable and modern way to cook for Nairobi households. Buy a KOKO Cooker that is designed for you: fast, safe and easy-to-use. Then refill your stove with the kibuyu smart which fits KOKOpoint fuel dispensers in your neighbourhood. The KOKO Cooker runs off ethanol fuel, a clean by-product of the sugar industry.

The Best Way to Cook


Start cooking immediately. Finish your meal faster using two burners. Use high setting for super powerful flame


Pay only half the price of a 2-burner gas stove kit. Reduce your monthly fuel spend*. Purchase as little as KSh30 of fuel at a time


No smell or harmful smoke. No dirty hands or sooty pots. No oily fuel containers or rags


Light stove instantly using regular matchstick. Control & shut-off flame easily. Get fuel from a KOKOpoint® within your neighbourhood


Won’t explode if burners are left open. No contact with fuel using Kibuyu SMART. Fuel cap locked during cooking

Nairobi loves cooking with KOKO®

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